Who we are

We are a distributed energy services company.

We partner with government, energy end-users, communities and financial institutions to help design, develop, implement, manage and finance affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions for all Nepalis.

We offer innovative solutions that address the energy needs of our customers while also contributing towards addressing Nepal’s larger energy challenges.

Our Approach

Implementation based on analytics

Our solution design is based on data analysis. We monitor, capture and analyse your load (or needs) before offering you a solution

Comprehensive energy solutions

Our solutions offer comprehensive energy management strategies that combine distributed renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management

International expertise, local experience

Our work combines global best practices, international solutions and insights to addressing your local energy challenges

Our Values


We are working in partnership with many other firms and are committed to evolving a strong business ecosystem


We will remain committed to building an enterprise that welcomes everyone and is a place for all Nepalis

We bear a responsibility beyond our business to the place where we live. We must strive to be more than just an enterprise.
Our business success is only meaningful if our work can also challenge the underlying despair and contribute towards a more positive outlook for Nepal.


we will remain committed to working partnership that helps evolve a strong ecosystem;

People at Saral Urja Nepal