A Sunny Winter Day Imagining Nepal’s Energy Future

What a better place to seek out inspiration than in a place where futures are most at stake.
We spent the day with school children in Dynamic Public School in Kathmandu. Over the course of a sunny winter day, the children laid out their imagination for an energy prosperous Nepal.
They sketched, they painted, wrote poems and captions. Their work reflects the multitude of emotions that is Nepal – a mix of despair and hope.
In that sun-drenched winter afternoon, there was also a sense of unbounded positivity. Within each brushstroke, within each rhyme there is a conviction that an energy prosperous Nepal was possible. Their work inspired our website.
We want to be powered by the IMAGINATION that an energy prosperous Nepal is possible.

Dynamic public school

Dynamic Public School was established in 2004 with the aim of providing quality and modern education to children whose families mostly make their earnings out of daily wages. It also aims to provide value based education. The school strives to optimize the resources and facilities without burdening parents to pay more. The school focusses on both curricular and extracurricular learning, thereby seeking to balance the demands to measure achievement by the percentage scored by the students against broader creative intellect of the students.