Mr. Aashish Chalise

Aashish is the CEO of Saral Urja.
Aashish brings extensive experience in financial planning and analysis and oversees the development of financial projection models and optimizes reporting tools. He has managed several Renewable Energy Programs in India and Nepal and has helped partners design robust and sustainable energy programs. Aashish has good understanding of renewable energy systems and its impact.

Mr. Bishal Thapa

Bishal is the Managing Director of SaralUrja.
Bishal brings strong technical expertise across the entire energy supply chain. He has worked extensively with national and international clients. His analyses have integrated across fuels (coal, gas, and renewables), generation, transmission, emissions, energy efficiency, and regulatory and structural issues. With a background in energy economics and financing, he has provided advisory support for financing of renewable and energy projects, acquisitions, asset valuations, energy efficiency and emissions markets globally. He has designed, developed several and managed several distributed renewable systems in Nepal and India.

Mr. Dipendra Kumar Deo

Dipendra is the chief engineer at Saral Urja.
Dipendra has in depth knowledge on the PV technologies and has worked nationally and internationally with solar sector such as solar micro grids, solar water pumping, solar grinding mill, hybrid systems, net metering, prepaid metering systems, remote monitoring system and energy auditing. He has served as social mobilizer in rural areas and led training programs about the awareness of renewable energy, solar equipment, protection system, solar system design and installation of the system.

Tripti Acharya

Tripti Acharya currently serves as office coordinator. Her responsibilities include managing day to day operations, handling front desk tasks such as communications and customer service and managing all documentations at office. She is also responsible for monitoring and communicating with social mobilizers at community based projects of Saral Urja.

Mr. Pawan Aryal

Mr. Aryal has worked as a technician for 19 years in renewable energy sector. He has in depth technical knowledge of various solar systems, PV, Water lifting, thermal, electric fence, ozone water and many more. He played a crucial role in installing the 20Kw solar micro grid in Dubung, Tanhun which has been running successfully for past several years. He has installed many systems across Nepal and worked for prestigious institutions like Lotus energy, AEPC, HiM electronics.

Mr. Saurav Timilsina

Mr. Timilsina is a board member of Saral Urja.
Saurav has a strong expertise in the renewable energy and finance. He has worked extensively with product companies to develop both solar and hydro energy systems across residential and commercial units in Nepal.
Saurav has also worked as adviser on energy issues in various national and international programs

Mr. Santosh Bista

(B.E. Electrical Engineering, M. B. A.) Business Development Manager
Santosh has been working in the renewable energy sector for more than 6 years. He has been actively involved in planning for renewable energy program implementation all over Nepal especially in rural Terai and Hilly districts and has expertise on renewable energy business development in off grid areas to empower women. He has successfully designed and implemented renewable energy program in rural Nepal through micro-finance institutions of Nepal to empower rural population. He also has expertise in Supply Chain Management.

Mr. Trailokya Man Shrestha

Mr. Trailokya Man Shrestha has more than thirty years of experience in civil engineering in multiple projects in Nepal. He is currently heading the engineering team in Raksirang project. He has successfully worked in Tribhuwan International airport package number 5 project, several commercial complexes, health centers in Sindhupalchok and many more.

Mr. Vijay Nepali

Vijay Nepali is an agriculture expert. He is currently leading agriculture value chain development in Rakisrang. Under his supervison more than 100 farmers have been trained to conduct modern agriculture in villages of Raksirang.

Mr. Neer

Neer is a community modilizer in Dubung. Neer manages the Baidi micro grid which has 150 clients. Neer has been running Baidi micro grid successfully for three years.

Mr. Adishwor Pradhan

Adishwor is an engineer at Saral Urja Nepal.
Adishwor is a Physics graduate equipped with comprehensive knowledge on PV technologies and has worked nationally in the solar sector which involves solar micro grids, hybrid systems, net metering and remote monitoring system. He has served as a social mediator in urban areas and has been involved with programs regarding renewable energy and solar system design.

Mr. Shyam Danuwar

Mr. Shyam Danuwar has worked as a Technician for 5 years in the renewable energy sector. He has in depth technical knowledge of various solar PV systems, Solar Inverter, Grid Tie Inverter¸ water lifting and electric fences. He has played a crucial role in installing the 6kW solar DC micro Grid in Kabilasi, Sarlahi which has been running successfully for the last year. He has installed Rooftop Solar Systems on various commercial establishments such as NMB Bank, Shaligram hotel, Midas Building, and Kantipur Temple house. He has installed various systems across rural areas in Nepal.

Mr. Krishna Bahadur Danuwar

Mr. Krishna Bahadur Danuwar has worked as a Technician for 7 years in the renewable energy sector. He has in depth technical knowledge of various solar PV systems, Solar Inverter and Grid Tie Inverter. He has installed Rooftop Solar Systems on commercial establishments such as NMB Bank and Shaligram hotel.